Developers and builders

How can you innovate to set yourself apart, all while improving the quality of your homes and maintaining competitive costs?

By installing the Qivivo thermostat.

Your customers are keen on connected solutions. Whether they're first-time buyers or have recently retired, they all use a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Améliorer la qualité de ses logements à moindre coûts avec la solution Qivivo Thermostat


It all comes down to the details: a customer may choose your home over another based on a detail such as a thermostat.

Qivivo is a thermostat designed by 5.5 Design Studio, an internationally renowned agency. Both stylish and simple, it perfectly blends into all homes.

Qivivo Thermostat: un design de qualité et dans l'air du temps


The Qivivo thermostat is extraordinarily simple.

It has three touch buttons: one in the centre to wake it up and two on the sides to increase and lower the temperature.

Your customers with an Internet connection can also control their heating system no matter where they are.

Qivivo Thermostat, une utilisation simplifiée à son maximum pour plus de convivialité


With Qivivo, you offer a connected home at the same price as a conventional home.

Qivivo Thermostat, des prestations compétitives