Housing Associations

Our solution has been tested by several housing associations, with conclusive results: the tenants were satisfied and average energy savings from heating were 25% for Nantes Habitat and 31% for Podeliha.

This test, which was very simple and inexpensive to perform, clearly shows the relevance of Qivivo Thermostat for social housing. Much more energy was saved than we'd expected. Convinced by this first experience, we intend to roll it out on a larger scale for a property complex.

Stanislas FOURNIER, Maintenance Department Head, Immobilière Podeliha

Qivivo Thermostat: une solution pour vos travaux

Easy to use

Qivivo is the only thermostat tailored to social housing. It is simple to use thanks to its 3 buttons: one to wake it up, one to increase the temperature, and one to lower the temperature.

Qivivo Thermostat: simplicité d'action et d'utilisation

No need for the Internet

It takes less than 10 minutes to install the Qivivo thermostat.
Tenants don't need the Internet, because we provide a 3G router that can cover around 30 semi-detached houses or group housing units.

Qivivo Thermostat: internet n'est pas obligatoire pour vos locataires

Control tailored to each tenant

Thanks to its presence sensor, the Qivivo Thermostat learns occupancy patterns in each housing unit. It thus lowers the temperature when a unit is empty and anticipates the activation of the heating system when tenants return.

Qivivo Thermostat: apprentissage des habitudes d'occupation

Connected to the closest weather station, it accurately anticipates weather forecasts.

Qivivo Thermostat: anticipation des prévisions météorologiques

As tenants interact with the product, the thermostat learns needs in terms of comfort and optimally regulates the temperature all throughout the day.

Qivivo Thermostat: apprentissage des besoins en confort et régulation de la témpérature en conséqunce

A surveillance platform

Qivivo has a monitoring platform for your buildings to:

Detect signs of poverty: with Nantes Habitat, we were able to detect unheated housing units, indicative of fuel poverty. Action plans were implemented to provide the tenants with financial support.

Optimise your energy retrofitting: you have the ability to compare a set of buildings with measurement of average temperatures to undertake awareness-raising actions, average humidity to install ventilation systems, etc.

Effectively manage your maintenance: the thermostat can indicate if the boiler is broken and transfer the information to you or the building maintenance company so the failure can be repaired as quickly as possible.

Qivivo Thermostat: internet n'est pas obligatoire pour vos locataires

A comprehensive energy assessment

The Qivivo Thermostat is capable of undertaking an initial accurate assessment of your buildings, to indicate their strengths and weaknesses and thus optimise their retrofitting.

Qivivo Thermostat: une solution compatible tous chauffages
Qivivo Thermostat: une solution compatible tous chauffages