Professionals testimonials

« I wanted to call you for installation advice but it turns out it's so simple that I'm calling just to tell you! »
Installer, Gaz service
« We haven't received any complaints from tenants, which goes to show that the Qivivo solution is simple and mature. »
Luc Stephan, Innovation Director for Nantes Habitat
« It's easier to install than a traditional thermostat since there are no settings. »
M. Clerc, installer, ZePlombier
« This test, which was very simple and inexpensive to perform, clearly shows the relevance of Qivivo Thermostat for social housing. Much more energy was saved than we'd expected. Convinced by this first experience, we intend to roll it out on a larger scale for a property complex. »
Stanislas FOURNIER, Maintenance Department Head, Immobilière Podeliha
« Thanks to Qivivo thermostat, our housing units are connected at a lower cost. This sets us apart from the competition. »
Renaud Sauvagère, Regional Director for Crédit Agricole Immobilier