Qivivo Thermostat

White round Thermostat, with stylish design, LED screen, tactile interface on 3 areas, capteur de présence, heating indicator and humidity captor inside

A discreet, assertive design

Qivivo Thermostat blends perfectly into your home. When you need it, the LED screen and tactile interface highlight the intelligence it deploys to ensure your day-to-day comfort.

Design by 5.5, Design Studio Design by 5.5, Design Studio Lauréat Label Observeur du Design 2015 View its properties
Watch the Qivivo Thermostat video The Qivivo Thermostat on a wall,

Essentials at your fingertips

Tap it to set your comfort level and check the heating level and temperature.

Qivivo Thermostat View its functions

Combine savings and eco-friendliness

Cut your heating expenses by 25% to 40%* and reduce your carbon footprint. Thanks to its countless innovative functions, Qivivo Thermostat is more efficient than any other conventional or connected control system.

Energy savings of up to 40%*
Qivivo Thermostat
Synthèse Qivivo Thermostat

Compatible with all types of heating

  • Compatible with an heating oil system

    Heating oil

  • Compatible with a gas heating system


  • Compatible with a wood heating system


  • Compatible with an heat pump system

    Heat pump

    Heat pump

  • Compatible with an electric heating system


Qivivo Thermostat learns and even adapts:

  • To the inertia of under-floor heating, anticipating heating sequences several hours in advance.
  • By modifying its heating cycles to maximise the efficiency of a heat pump or wood-burning stove.
  • To the heating curve of a condensing boiler.

* 40% for a household without a thermostat, 25% for a household with a thermostat. Average savings for Qivivo equipment in November 2015.