Customer testimonials

« An innovative, reliable, competent and friendly start-up. Guaranteed savings in terms of heating. Really good after-sales service. I definitely recommend it. »
Jennifer Testa
« A great product with great technical service. The value for money beats that of the competition. The web interface is incredibly efficient. »
Stéphane B. S.
« I'm very satisfied. I was already convinced by the first version and decided to try the second one – I'm really satisfied with it! It's very easy to use and understand. In short, I recommend it! »
Caroline E.
« It's a blessing to be able to check the temperature of my home from a distance, even when I'm abroad. »
« It has a nice, sleek design. It works perfectly and fulfils its role in terms of remote control. It's nicely designed and really easy to use. »
Julien F.
« This new interface is great. Good work! »
Thomas S.
« The best connected thermostat around! The reports are very detailed. An accurate way to assess your consumption. »
« A bright, dynamic and creative start-up. Very attractive packaging. A really efficient app. »
Régis D.
« Now I really save money in terms of heating costs. The design is really nice. The tactile screen is a major advantage. I can control my heating with my smartphone or an Internet connection. I'm really very satisfied. »
« The application for controlling it is very user-friendly and won't put off technophobes. »
« Excellent – after 15 days of use, it works really well. Heating cycles are easy to see based on the outdoor temperature. »
Fred B.
« An attractive product that's easy to use. I installed it just a few days ago and am already quite happy with it. It has a nice design and is easy to install. Now I can monitor my consumption from my tablet. I recommend it. »
« I seriously love it. It's a thermostat that knows everything. »
Tristan P.
« Extremely efficient. The app is very easy to use, and so is the device. You can program regular time frames or if you're like us, with a house in the countryside, you can turn on your radiators just a few hours before you arrive. »
D. Boulonnais
« Excellent matériel, application Android efficace, j'ai choisi de ne pas activer Smart thermostat car je me sert très peu de mes radiateurs électrique, mon poêle à bois est privilégié. »
Bernard B.
« I use it in a second home mainly to switch on the boiler shortly before I arrive. It works very well. Note that the after-sales service is very good too. »
Jean-Francois L.
« A very good product. It's really convenient to control your heating system with your phone, tablet or PC, no matter where you are. You quickly recover the cost of the product (within a few months). »
« The very definition of simplicity. The thermostat, combined with the application, is extremely easy to use. Quite an impressive feat, considering how complicated it all is. »
Gaspard P.
« We forget that in the past, we had to adjust our thermostats and boiler depending on the period, the number of people at home, and our preferences. Now when I'm at home, I always feel comfortable, and my gas bill has decreased, even though I'm extremely sensitive to cold temperatures. What more could I ask for? Thanks, Qivivo. »
« I can see the product's been upgraded and you've worked on a new dashboard, taking into account user feedback. Great work! »
Noel G.
« A wonderful product and excellent support. Works with pilot wires, unlike many of the products offered by the competition. »
Guillaume M.
« The product itself is great. It's easy to install and inexpensive and benefits from outstanding after-sales service. »
Arthur B.
« A really good product. Thanks to it, there were several days this winter when I didn't have to heat my home. The functions are fairly user-friendly and the mobile application is well designed and stable. I've contacted the support team on several occasions to ask for information and their responses were prompt and clear. »
« I'm the proud owner of a Qivivo thermostat :) It's a great product. It's extremely easy to configure and use. »
Mael J.
« Ever since I discovered Qivivo, life has been splendid. It's very smart and stylish and is always there. It's an ideal companion. My house is always set at the right temperature. My only regret is not finding it earlier. »
Client Amazon
« It's very rare to find a company that anticipates problems by offering a new product before a risk of failure with a responsive and attentive customer support team. »
Client Amazon
« Although I was a bit sceptical the first few weeks, six months have gone by and I have a very good opinion of this thermostat. The application isn't essential – the web version, even with a smartphone, is perfect. I recommend this product. »
Aurélien G.
« Perfectly meets my needs! I bought the thermostat to improve our comfort and it fully plays its role. The thermostat is extremely easy to install and the design is really quite pleasant. »
Jérôme H.
« I bought this thermostat to replace my old one. It regulates the temperature better, automatically takes into account our presence at home, and can be controlled from a distance (when we're on holiday). The service provides daily and monthly diagrams that are interesting to read and help me understand the thermal behaviour of my home based on the outdoor temperature. »
Vincent B.
« Bravo a cette petite start-up Nantaise ! Afin de controler ma consommation de gaz a la maison autant le faire avec des outils de notre temps. Et en plus c'est francais ! Interface claire sur smartphone facile ergonomique et malin ! »
Erika G.
« I highly recommend this brand to control your heating system. »
Lionel B.
« Thanks, Qivivo, for this wonderful product. Your customer service is excellent. »
Anthony K.